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The study and interpretation of God’s Word. This discipline equips students with the skills to uncover God’s intended message, essential for accurate teaching and preaching. By mastering hermeneutics, future ministers grow in their ability to faithfully convey and apply biblical truths.

Christian Life

This course covers topics such as spiritual disciplines, ethical decision-making, and embodying Christ-like love and service. Through Scripture study, discussions, and practical applications, students learn how to deepen their relationship with God and reflect their faith in their actions and interactions.

The Characteristics of a Preacher

The class emphasizes the importance of spiritual maturity, humility, and a genuine passion for sharing the gospel, aiming to develop well-rounded preachers who can inspire and guide their congregations.

Five Fold Ministries 101

The five-fold ministry refers to five key roles within the Christian church, as described in the New Testament. These roles are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Each role serves a unique purpose in building up the church, guiding believers, and spreading the message of Jesus.

Introduction to Psychology

The course integrates psychological theories and practices with Christian values, emphasizing the importance of understanding the mind and spirit. Students learn how to apply psychological insights to support personal growth, enhance pastoral care, and effectively minister to others while upholding their faith.

New Testament Survey

The course covers the life of Jesus, the work of the apostles, and the letters written by Paul and other early Christian leaders. Through study and discussion, students gain a clearer understanding of the New Testament’s messages and how they apply to today’s Christian life.

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