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Become Equipped for your Purpose

Here at Dunamis, we are an willfully Christ-centered school whose focus is to please God above all else and to develop Christian servant leaders through a transformative educational experience. Through our user-friendly and at your-own-pace curriculum, you can ensure that our faith-driven learning experience that empowers students to pursue their academic and spiritual aspirations without barriers.

Christ-centered, accredited education

Immerse yourself in the enriching embrace of a Christ-centered education, where every facet of learning is infused with purpose and faith. Elevate your education to a higher purpose and join a community dedicated to nurturing not just the mind, but the soul, and empowering journey towards a purposeful future

Online, self-paced program

Experience the convenience and spiritual enrichment of our online and self-paced Christ-centered education. Embrace a Christ-centered education that adapts to your life, growing a deeper connection to your faith while achieving academic excellence on your own terms.

You shall receive power!

You shall receive DUNAMIS!

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