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First Year

BI100 – Hermeneutics

In this course the student will learn how to effectively study the Bible, its importance, usage and meaning.

BI102 – New Testament Survey

This course provides an overview of the New Testament, with a brief introduction to each of the 27 books of the Protestant canon, and a concise summary of their contents, enabling the learner to correctly relate the parts of the New Testament to each other, and to the Old Testament.

The Characteristics of a Preacher & Blueprint of a Sermon

Bible Doctrines

Messianic Prophesies

Basic Hebrew & Greek Studies

Bible Canon

The Remnant Church

The Divine God

5 Fold Ministries

Intro to the Prophetic

The Gifts of the Spirit

Godly Wisdom

Deliverance 101

Second Year

A Lifestyle of Prayer / Godly Character

The Kingdom of God & Divine Order

Identifying the Call

Answering the Call

Ministry Communication & Ethics

Deliverance (Advanced)

Miracles, Signs, and Wonders

Local Church Evangelism

The Prophetic (Advanced)

The Apostolic Anointing

The Prophetic Anointing

The Evangelist Anointing

The Pastoral Anointing

The Teaching Anointing