Meet Your Professors

Prophetess Michelle Martinez

Ever since she was a little girl, Pastor Michelle Martinez’s main focus in life is to relentlessly seek the voice and heart of God, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with love and conviction, as well as lead others in their own journey with the Father.

Whether it’s been as a mother, wife, sister, teacher, pastor, or friend, her passion and power as one of many mouthpieces of God continues to be a blessing to those who hear. 

Her journey began in Bronx, NY, where she was born and raised. Ever since childhood, she’s been in church, where under her spiritual mother, began to learn about the love of God and what it takes to be a servant of God and lover of the ministry of saving souls.

Soon after, Pastor Michelle and her little sister began a singing group called ‘Fortress’. 

Together with her husband, Pastor Lee Martinez, they started The Chains Will Fall Christian Church, from their living room, in 2010. For 10 years they raised an army in Leominster, MA that flowed in the prophetic and in deliverance, that blessed a revival fire all through central Massachusetts. The ministry is now known as FREEDOM MINISTRIES WORLDWIDE.

She now flows in the Prophetic anointing, where her and her husband have planted Overflow rooms (hubs), in which the five fold ministries are the foundation, taught and operating in. 

Pastor Michelle, her husband Dr. Lee Martinez, and FREEDOM MINISTRIES WORLDWIDE is under the covering of their spiritual parents, Chief Apostle Orrin K. Pullings and Dr. Medina Pullings, of United Nations Church International Fellowship.