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Pastor Herman Falu

Minister Herman Falu is a native of the Bronx, New York.  He began ministering at the tender age of 16, telling others of the saving power of Jesus, the Christ.  The more he told this story, the more he felt further convicted to share the gospel, “the good news “that Christ did not simply die for his sins, but Christ died for all.

Minister Falu stands confidently and victoriously as a vessel used by God.  He will courageously tell you that he is not deserving of such a divine calling in life. He made God a promise that whatever He wanted him to do; he would do it with his whole being.  Minister Falu also will tell you that he belongs not to himself, but he is a chosen vessel sent by the Lord to preach the good news to the captives.

Minister Falu united with the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Providence, Rhode Island; where he was licensed to preach the Gospel on January 10, 2010.  Others could see that he had a passion for doing God’s will.  He became an ardent student of the bible, a teacher of the Word and witness to what God can do in one’s life when he/she completely surrenders to His will.

His lovely wife, Sister Tandra Falu, describes him as an overflowing selfless, inspiring and encouraging man of God.  In addition, he seeks greater things in Christ, not only for himself, but others as well.  He is a loving husband, father, son, friend, counselor, and fellow sojourner of the faith.

After many months of hard work and dedication, going through the process of being ordained.  September 15, 2018 was a momentous and unforgettable day, where Herman was ordained at the Great Ebenezer Baptist Church in the presence of his Ebenezer Church Family, and wife Tandra Falu. 

Currently Minister Falu holds the position of Pastor at Church of the Master 15 Valley Street Providence, RI with a diverse, dedicated and loving group of congregants. 

These things that have been said about Minister Herman Falu are not to paint a picture that he, too, should be sitting on the right hand of the Father.  It is a declaration of what Jesus Christ can do in your life if you would only allow Him.